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Welcome to the Dynoverse

Massive co-op multiplayer meets economy simulation game meets blockchain

Angry Dynomites Lab is the world's first massive co-op multiplayer game on the blockchain. Players need to unite to build artifacts to help the poor Dynomites survive. Many materials are required to create these so-called Masterpieces, making it impossible to build them for a single player alone. Therefore, the community needs to collaborate to establish a flourishing, decentralized economy powered by tokens living on the blockchain. Players need to craft materials, set up production lines, trade with each other, and optimize their production empire to keep our clumsy Dynomites alive. As experienced game developers, we will package this into a crazy and playful world - creating a fun game for everyone, forever.

With Angry Dynomites Lab, we want to pick up the core mechanics of factorio and satisfactory but make them way more casual and put them into a crazy new Dino setting. With Blockchain technology, we can create a game economy driven by supply and demand while also breaking boundaries between projects.

NFTs will live on Ethereum Mainnet, ERC-20 Tokens are on Polygon, and game logic will run on our backend.Therefore, we have a trusted chain for NFTs, cheap gas fees to exchange tokens, and no gas fees at all for playing the game.

Dynos produce elements, which can be used to craft materials. Elements and materials allow dynos to collaborate in masterpieces

The Core Loop

Produce - Transform - Accomplish - Repeat

Dynos are NFTs categorized into four elements, producing the corresponding tokens: $fire, $water, $earth, $air. You can claim element tokens hourly by holding a Dyno in your wallet.

Recipes are objects that allow players to use element tokens to generate new tokens. You can then combine newly generated tokens with existing ones, creating a production chain. Chains can grow endlessly, and players will be able to create a whole production empire out of it.

A core element of our game is the integration of other NFT tokens into our game economy. They act as additional base tokens that can be combined with our native tokens to create new ones.

The main goal for all players is to build up a unique object, a so-called masterpiece. Masterpieces require many tokens to be built up, forcing the whole community to work together. Once the players complete a masterpiece, there will be a raffle among all participants to win it as an NFT. The more resources a single player spent, the higher their chances of winning. By holding a masterpiece NFT, the player's production chains will be boosted, giving them an advantage over other players.

The core loop containing production lines and boots

A game for everyone

Angry Dynomites is unique

  • We focus on creating a fun game experience and want to establish the economy simulation genre in web3 that many players love.
  • It' s a game for everyone - with the design of our game, you don't need to own expensive NFTs and no scholarship models need to be established.
  • The first game that unites the energetic web3 community in massive co-op multiplayer experience.
  • Careful design of the game economy with multiple sinks for the tokens, making it sustainable. Novel game mechanics that use the openness and decentralisation of blockchain technology to its full extend.
  • Experienced gaming founder team with a lot of passion for NFTs
Mission + Focus


Web3 Games should be fun

  • The first programs that attracted many people to PCs were games.
  • The first apps that had millions of downloads on smartphones were games.
  • Now, games can be the catalyst to bring mass adoption to web3.

With Angry Dynomites Lab, we want to contribute by showing the web2 world that web3 games are fun. Only then will the mass market adopt NFT gaming and ultimately web3.

Innovation starting from niche to mass with games

Our Focus

Create a Fun and Everlasting game for Everyone without Borders

Fun: In web2 gaming, players spend $200bn a year to have fun. However, a lot of web3 games focus on play-2-earn and gamefi. We believe there is a much bigger opportunity to board that $200bn market to web3 with fun games.

Everyone: The community is the greatest asset that web3 has. We want to unite the community in an engaging and cooperative game experience. With our game design, we want to ensure that everyone can start playing the game even with smaller pockets. Players don't need to buy expensive NFTs, nor do scholarship models need to be established. At the same time, we want to give good incentives to players who wish to spend a lot of money. Players can also decide how much time they want to spend in the game. You can either play:

Passively: Buy & hold Dynos and let them generate tokens.
Actively: Build up your production empire, and optimize it in small intervals.

Decide between passive or active play

Forever: Our goal is to create a long-lasting game, a game that never dies, an ever-green game. We are very committed to building a community of players who think the same way, believe in the vision and have fun with the game. In addition, we need to establish a sustainable decentralized game economy. The economy will be balanced by an open market, regulated by supply and demand. At the same time, we do not inflate the currencies blindly, but the game itself will have enough sinks to burn these currencies. Ultimately, this will create a sustainable game economy that can last forever.

Borderless: Blockchains offer an open and decentralized platform where users genuinely own their assets.We want to utilize the platform entirely and connect our games to other projects. Integrating their tokens into our game and establishing good partnerships creates win-win-win situations for all participants.

Dynos + Elements

Let's welcome our Dynomites!

Fire, Water, Air and earth

  • The Angry Dynomites Lab is made up out of four dynomite NFT collections, which all differ by their element type: Fire, Water, Earth, Air
  • The first collection that will be dropped is the Genesis Fire Dynomite Collection which has a limited supply of 500 NFTs
  • Corresponding to their element,each NFT produces a token: $fire, $water, $earth, $air
  • Depending on their rarity, dynos will produce a varying amount of tokens per hour
Fire, earth, water, and air dyno in basic form

The Elements 🔥💧🌱💨

The 4 elements will be the base tokens to power the game economy

  • The 4 elements will be the base tokens to power the game economy
  • The ERC-20 Tokens can be claimed via Polygon to your wallet
  • In combination with Recipe Book NFTs, element tokens can be transformed into material token
Fire dyno produces $fire token, earth dyno produces $earth token, water dyno produces $water token, and air dyno produces $air token
Recipe Books

Producing new Materials

The mysterious recipe books

  • Recipe books are another NFT collection, which is not limited in supply. You can mint as many as you like.
  • They can be purchased via our shop on the website.
  • Recipes can only be purchased with in-game currencies like Fire or Water. The tokens will be burned during the process
Three recipe books with prices

Recipes either...

...use one element or material as input to produce one type of output material...

Enery recipe book transforms fire into energy

...or use a list of ingredients to produce one type of output material.

Steam recipe book transforms energy and water in steam

Not all books are the same - some are better than others. The better ones generate a higher yield, but are also more scarce

Recipe books come in rarities

In order to combine tokens with recipe books, you can log into our website and setup your production lines accordingly. You can specify how many tokens should be used as an input for the recipe books.

Example Production Lines

Production line with cooldowns and transformations


Energy Production Example

Community unite!

Materials will be assembled into Masterpieces

  • Masterpieces represent important objects for the dynos to escape earth and start a new civilization
  • In order to build up masterpieces, players need to spend materials
  • Masterpieces require a lot of materials, so the community needs to work together to build them up
  • There is only 1 masterpiece live at a time
Assembling a masterpiece

Masterpiece progress will be tracked on the website

Live progress of masterpiece production

Creating Masterpieces pays off

The more you spend, the more likely you are to win

  • Upon completion of a masterpiece there will be a raffle between all players who spent materials
  • There will be 100 masterpiece NFTs handed out to the winners of the raffle depending on the amount of materials they spent - the more you spend, the more likely you are to win one or more masterpieces
  • The masterpieces come with rarities, which determine their strength: 1 Legendary, 10 Rare, or 89 Common
Player with a contribution a more likely to win

Masterpieces benefit the entire community

All existing Dyno NFTs will get a production boost

  • Each masterpiece helps dynos to get more productive. Therefore, by completing a masterpiece, all existing dyno NFTs will get a production boost, meaning dyno NFTs generate more tokens
  • More leaders are needed for the growing dyno civilization - after each masterpiece completion a new special Mega Dyno NFT is auctioned, which is more powerful than the genesis dynos
  • To grow the civilization more dynos are born - after each masterpiece completion new baby dynos are issued, which are not as powerful as the genesis dynos
Three types of dynos: dyno, mega dyno, baby dyno

Masterpieces benefit you

Get Rewarded

  • Every owner of a masterpiece gets rewarded by a daily $dyno token drop, depending on the rarity of your masterpiece
  • $dyno can be staked to boost your element and material production
Masterpiece provide $dyno governance token which can be staked

Masterpiece Season

Part of a bigger objective

  • Masterpieces are grouped into seasons
  • Each masterpiece is part of a bigger objective
  • Season 1 will be about assembling a rocket to escape earth
  • The progress will be visualized on the website
  • After each season ends a new season will start and is unlocked on the website
Three seasons with different masterpieces

Example Masterpiece

Three players contributing to a masterpiece


This section applies to the fire collection and all upcoming collections: water, earth, and air.

Dynos have one of three rarities: Common, Rare, and Legendary.

This creates a greater variety of Dynos and lets players decide how much they want to spend to acquire a Dyno.

Common Dynos will likely sell for a lower price on secondary markets than legendary ones. So people can start buying cheaper common ones and might be able to afford rare and legendary ones at later stages. It will create a positive feeling of making progress for the players, vital to keeping players in the game.

Thre rarities: common, rare, legendary

Distribution of rarities

Common: 65% of all Dynos produce between 5-12 tokens per hour. Although creating fewer tokens individually, they will build the base supply by generating close to 55% of all Tokens.

Rare: 25% of all Dynos produce between 13-15 tokens per hour. Rare Dynos form a solid middle, generating roughly 30% of all Tokens.

Legendary: 10% of all Dynos produce between 16-20 tokens per hour. However, being the strongest, they only make about 15% of the total Token supply.

To establish a good base level, we set the minimum of token per hour to 5 for common Dynos. Rare Dynos produce up to 15 tokens, making them up to 3x stronger, whereas legendary Dynos are up to 4x as strong as common ones. This way, we create a good balance of legendary Dynos feeling rewarding while also making common Dynos produce enough tokens to play the game.

Looking into the distribution, we want to establish a solid middle with a Dyno producing around 11 Tokens on average. So most people will get a medium-strong Dyno, while we have outliers to the bottom and top.

To make it super exclusive, we decided only to have 1% of all Dynos produce the maximum of 20 Tokens per hour, creating a gratifying feeling for their owners.

Fire production per hour distributed across rarities

Handling tokens

All element and material tokens are used for playing the game. Element and material tokens are created for playing the game. You can still transfer tokens to your wallet, but they cannot be seen as a store of value or investments. Once you hold them in the wallet, you can exchange them with players for other tokens outside of the game. We are not responsible for trades on decentralized exchanges like Uniswap, but we want to make you aware that the liquidity of the tokens is not high, and prices might be very volatile.

Importing and exporting tokens to your wallet

Token Generation

Suppose you could not mint a Dyno on the mint date and don't want to pick up one on the secondary market. In that case, you could still start playing the game by acquiring tokens from other players, making it possible for unlimited amounts of players to join the game.

Only by holding Dyno NFTs element tokens are generated. The Angry Dynomites Lab project might create additional tokens for promotional activities, but it shouldn't affect the overall supply by a lot. There won't be any other tokens distributed for the team as these are not used for governance but only act as a utility for playing the game.

Dynos will produce the same amount of tokens per hour among all collections.However, as collections differ in size (fire < water < wind < earth), the total supply of element tokens will vary, making $fire the scarcest of all. All Fire Dynos combined will generate 5645 $fire per hour. As there are no burning mechanisms available initially, the $fire supply will go up linearly.

Token Burning

Later, we will introduce two features that act as a burning mechanism for the tokens:

Recipe NFTs are an essential part of the game needed to play the game. Players can only acquire recipes with element tokens and on the secondary markets. As we want to make sure that everyone can play the game, there is no limit to the number you can mint. Additionally, Recipes come in rarities, and the scarcest ones will be tough to get. This will generate constant demand for Recipe NFTs, leading to a continuous burning of element tokens. All element tokens will get burned in the process, making sure that supply is decreasing.

Masterpieces are the core objects of the game. Players need to work together to collect massive amounts of resources. Players will be heavily incentivized to spend their resources on Masterpieces, therefore creating a powerful burning mechanism. As with Recipes, all tokens will get burned in the process.

Dyno production is inflating, while recipes and masterpieces are deflating

Slight Inflation

Our goal is to have very slight inflation of a few percentage points per year, creating a sustainable game economy. Because we control the costs of building up a masterpiece, we can ensure that always the right amount of tokens get burned.

Fire supply with a constrained growth

A sustainable game economy

With many p2e games, the token issuance increases exponentially with the number of players entering, leading to an over-supply of the game token. Unfortunately, this creates a death spiral as soon as player growth stagnates.

Our advantage: the issued element tokens are not dependent on the number of players playing the game. It's actually the opposite: Players need element tokens to play the game, and the more players enter the game, the more tokens are being burned.

Angry Dynomites Lab has a higher ingame token burn than other P2E games


Decentralized, Permissionless, True Ownership

Blockchain technology focuses on decentralization, true ownership, and being permissionless. This opens up a lot of innovative ways to create games. For the first time, digital assets can truly be owned by the end-users and are not controlled by the game's creators. Players don't need to ask for permission on how they want to use their assets but can decide on free will. Through the decentralization of the blockchain platform, no proprietary APIs or servers are needed to access the player's assets.

Economic Hub of the Metaverse

Integrating fungible tokens from other projects

As we truly want to utilize the capabilities of the blockchain, we want to break the boundaries and walled gardens between projects. Therefore, a core concept of our game economy is integrating fungible tokens from other projects and combining them with our native ones. We aim to create a game that acts as the economic hub of the metaverse, as we are confident that this creates win-win-win situations for all participants:

  • For players and token holders: They already own tokens from other projects that they can use in our game to have fun.
  • For NFT projects: More utility and burn mechanics for their native tokens. Demand will go up, and supply will decrease.
  • For Angry Dynomites Lab: More players will get onboarded to our game, helping to establish our vision of building a massive multiplayer co-op game!
Projects creating new tokens based on existing other projects

Strong partners

As for the first stage, we will partner with three well-known NFT projects and integrate their coin into our game economy. We will work closely together with them to spread the word about the newly acquired utility to their communities.

Creating Exotic Materials

Integrated tokens from other projects act similarly to our native element tokens (fire, water, earth, air). Players can transfer the tokens to our game, which will be burned in the process.

There are two significant differences between our native tokens and the integrated ones:

  • We cannot control the supply of tokens from other NFT projects, and many other drivers can affect the price of these.Therefore, we will use an oracle that monitors the costs of the token compared to ETH. Depending on the price, you will receive more or less in-game tokens.As tokens are burned in the process, and we are not able to issue new ones, they won' t be able to be retrieved at a later stage.Once you' ve transferred the tokens to our game, you won' t be able to claim them back to your wallet anymore.
  • Once the tokens are transferred into the game, they are no different than element tokens. Players can transform them into other tokens or merge them with our native ones. There will be special Recipe NFTs available to make the process possible. Ultimately, they are also directly or indirectly linked to completing a masterpiece.

Let's help the dynos escape earth and build a new civilization

If you want to support the project, reach out on Twitter and Discord.

Feedback is always welcome :)

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