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Join The lab, work on collective missions, and take part in the world's first massive co-op nft game on Polygon

Pick one of four Dyno types, accumulate element tokens, transform them into materials, collaborate, and build up Masterpieces to save the Dynos from extinction.

We are creating a sustainable game economy  enveloped by a crazy and playful Dynoverse. Built by gaming veterans – made for everyone!

Dynos produce elements, which can be used to craft materials. Elements and materials allow dynos to collaborate in masterpieces

The year is 1.002.048

one million years after an asteroid the size of Texas completely devastated planet earth

The planet is entirely covered by ice and fire due to an unstoppable advancing climate change. Well, not entirely! One small island of indomitable (and actually quite adorable) creatures still holds out against the approaching threat.

When the asteroid struck, a giant TNT factory exploded and ripped open the entrance to a long-forgotten ancient cave, full of mysterious fossil eggs. Hatched in the heat and the fire of a burning world, a new species reigns over the planet...

The Angry Dynomites

In their lab, a handful of remaining Dynomites protect their last shelter and tinker to find ways to leave planet earth before total annihilation.

Asteroid crashing into earth

Meet the gang

Four types of dynomites are waiting for you

Fire dynos


These fellas are the angriest of all Dynos. They live close to volcanoes and are very passionate and hot-tempered.

Water dynos


These dudes rule the oceans, but over the years have learned to walk the face of the earthc They are very smart and creative.

Air dynos


These guys have wings and are the lords of the sky. They are clumsy and often make mistakes in the lab, but the others still love them.

Earth dynos


The tallest and heaviest of all Dynos live on the ground. They remain calm when something goes wrong and are great problem solvers.

Produce resources

dynomite NFTs produce tokens every day

Constantly working in their fields of expertise, the Dynos produce $air, $earth, $fire or $water tokens. These elements can be either used as currencies to buy Factory NFTs in the game or they can be transferred to your wallet.

Fire dyno producing $fire tokens

More tokens

Use Factories and craft New Materials

Trying to leave Earth, they combine, improve, and imbue these elements to invent new things. Factory NFTs can be used to transform elements to new materials, which are needed to build up Masterpieces.

Fire + Factory = Energy

Assemble masterpieces

Masterpieces benefit you and the community

Masterpieces require many elements and material tokens, and therefore you have to contribute your tokens together with the community. Upon completion, there will be a raffle amongst all participants. The more you contributed, the higher your chance to win one or more precious items. Once a Masterpiece is completed by the community, existing Dynos will be boosted and new Dynos will be distributed.

Assembling the rocket from community contributions

Mint your
dyno egg.

Join the community and take part in the first massive co-op NFT game on Polygon